Mission Statement

The mission of the Committee for Indigenous Peoples Day Wellesley is to center and support Indigenous communities and initiatives through collaboration, education, policy advocacy, and resource redistribution. More specifically, we aim to:

  • Center and amplify Indigenous voices, especially those of Black, LGBTQ+, disabled, fat, and other multiply-marginalized Indigenous people

  • Collaborate and connect with Indigenous Peoples of this area and beyond, as well as other organizations and localities doing work that intersects with our mission

  • Educate ourselves and our communities about Indigenous knowledge and history, colonization, white supremacy, climate justice, and more
  • Advocate for policy that supports Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous sovereignty 
  • Redistribute resources to Indigenous communities in an effort to address the historic and ongoing effects of colonization and white supremacy

We believe in collective liberation, and that we can only experience our full humanity when we recognize the full humanity of others. We commit to revisiting and adapting this mission as we learn more and continue this work.

You can read about the mission of World of Wellesley, our parent organization, on their website. 


Email: info@ipdwellesley.org

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Joan Aandeg
Haley Cheek
Eleanor Medley
Carol Quan
Sam Sanchez
Greg Hurray