Sustainable Wellesley says YES on Q 1 for Indigenous People

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Sustainable Wellesley’s mission is to protect our climate; reduce pollution of air, land and water; preserve biodiversity; minimize waste; and ensure environmental justice. Environmental justice means improving and maintaining a clean and healthy environment for all; including those who have traditionally lived, worked and played closest to the sources of pollution. This, unfortunately, disproportionately includes indigenous people. As a nonprofit that advocates for the environment, Sustainable Wellesley has been discussing Question 1 – the upcoming vote for Indigenous Peoples Day. We discussed nature’s intersectionality with the identities, religions, cultures, and communities of indigenous people in this country. The more that the rights of indigenous people are respected and protected, we believe the more our ecology, carbon storage, emissions, water sustainability, and reforestation will improve. Indigenous American communities have traditionally been stewards of our nation’s natural beauty and resources, yet they have faced disproportionate health burdens and environmental health risks in the name of development and industry. To honor our nation’s native people, Sustainable Wellesley endorses a yes vote on Question #1 for the observance of Indigenous Peoples Day.