Plants 4 Plants Auction

If you are a winning bidder, click the button below to make your winning donation! Screenshot your receipt and submit your payment receipt to the item donor to claim you item.

Auction Starts: April 9, 2021 at 5PM EDT to April 10, 2021 at 5PM EDT

Where will this auction take place?

The Plants 4 Plants Auction will be on Instagram; @plants4plants_IPDW. You will need an Instagram account in order to bid on the items. To create an account click here. This is a Massachusetts based auction.

Where can I donate an item for this auction?

To donate items in the auction please fill out our submission form. We are accepting plants, plant cuttings, pottery, or any other plant related item! All donors will need to indicate the following on the form:

  • Size of the item
  • Plant ID (if donating a plant)
  • Preferred starting bid
  • Preferred delivery method of the item (local drop-off, local pick-up or shipping)

I am not participating in the auction, but still would like to make a monetary donation for the cause. How can I do that?

For monetary donations you can donate here.

How do I make bids in the auction?

Using the Instagram comment function, you will be able to comment on any of the posts you wish to bid on. All bids must be in $1 increments and higher from the previous bid amount. Also you must tag the previous bidder (@username) to notify them that they’ve been outbid. All items will be given only to the highest bidder by the end of the event. 

I am the highest bidder, how do I collect my item?

Won your bid? Pay here. The moderators of the auction will announce the winner on each post. Please refer to the post description on how to claim your item. The bidder must make a donation in the amount of the winning bid on our donate page. Provide a screenshot of the payment confirmation email to the donor through direct messaging on Instagram.

The auction will end on April 10 at 5PM EDT. The deadline to send this donation confirmation to the owner will be April 11 at 12PM EDT. Failure to send confirmation prior to the deadline will result in the item going to the next highest bidder. 

All pick-up and drop-offs of items must be contactless.

What if I win multiple items?

If you win multiple items in the auction, please make the donation per item and provide a donation receipt to each plant donor. Do not combine your donations into one amount, this will prevent any confusion. If you are having difficulties reaching out to the donor, please contact