Day 23 Racial Equity Indigenous People’s Day Challenge

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30+ Day Racial Equity Indigenous Peoples Challenge

October 23rd – day 23

Thank you for participating in the 30+ Day Racial Equity: Indigenous Peoples Challenge.

Today is Day 23. Here are the reading, watching and listening material for the challenge. Remember you can choose 1 learning experience, or all. It is entirely up to you.



READ: 7 Acts of Native Resistance They Don’t Teach in School

WATCHDoctrine of Discovery – Professor Robert Miller (Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma) Tells the legal roots of manifest destiny and the pervasive land theft violations that resulted. It lays the foundation for systemic racism. (30 min) Less time? Here is the 8 minute version

LISTEN: In The White Man’s Image – PBS documentary about the Native American boarding school movement designed to “kill the Indian and save the man.” (56 minutes)

ACT: Support the Wellesley Indigenous People’s Day Campaign by purchasing a yard sign

Here is the link for a daily chart and your private reflections.   Just download it to your computer and access it at your leisure.

If you want to share reflections in community, you may post them on padlet.   Please follow our guidelines for all public reflection posts.

Thank you for joining us in our racial equity journey.


Indigenous Peoples Education Committee.