These Truths – Why I’m Voting YES on Question 1

By G. Hurray There are two reasons I am voting Yes on Question 1 on March 2. First, I think it’s time to face the truth about our history, a history whose cornerstones are built on white supremacy, exploitation, and 500 years of mistreatment of Indigenous Peoples.  Second, I do not believe that as a […]

An Italian American’s Perspective for YES on Question 1

By J. Debusk I am an Italian-American resident of Wellesley, and I am voting “yes” on Question 1. Being Italian is a source of great pride for me. I treasure my memories of spending Sundays with my grandfather as he would stir his famous “gravy” while regaling us with stories about our Italian ancestors who […]

Sustainable Wellesley says YES on Q 1 for Indigenous People

Sustainable Wellesley’s mission is to protect our climate; reduce pollution of air, land and water; preserve biodiversity; minimize waste; and ensure environmental justice. Environmental justice means improving and maintaining a clean and healthy environment for all; including those who have traditionally lived, worked and played closest to the sources of pollution. This, unfortunately, disproportionately includes […]

Take Action on March 2: Vote YES on Q 1 Indigenous Peoples Day

By Katy Hanson, M.D. I am a white, “well-educated,” retired professional woman who enjoys many privileges. I learned woefully little in my all-white public school system about discrimination, racism and the histories and cultures of non- white peoples. I came regrettably late to learning about structural racism. I want all children to feel comfortable in […]

Amplifying Under-Represented Voices

By Carol Q. I was born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts, and like many young professionals living in the area, I came into the social media age in my late teens. In the early days it seemed that social media was a place to share likes, dislikes, funny photos, and videos. As I have grown […]

Please vote “yes” on Question 1

By Betsy Zahniser I am writing to invite Wellesley voters to join me in voting “yes” on Question 1, regarding the commemoration of “Indigenous People’s Day,” in the upcoming March 2 Town election. It seems to me that we should wait no longer to answer the call of Indigenous people to teach, learn, and honor their […]

Be a role model for children: Support Indigenous Peoples Day

By Nathaniel and Arielle Langer As parents, one of our fundamental responsibilities is to help our children develop a sense of morality and to model the ideas and behaviors we value. All parents want to instill morals and principles that will last lifetimes and shape how our children interact with the world. While we do […]

Support Indigenous Peoples Day in Wellesley

The entry into mainstream discourse of systemic racism should be a call to action. So, while it is just one step, let’s repurpose October 12. Columbus Day is racist. If we want Wellesley to be a bastion of antiracism, that has to apply to what we celebrate and whom we put forth as role models […]