Amplifying Under-Represented Voices

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By Carol Q.

I was born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts, and like many young professionals living in the area, I came into the social media age in my late teens. In the early days it seemed that social media was a place to share likes, dislikes, funny photos, and videos. As I have grown older it seems that social media has morphed into a whole new platform and has allowed for marginalized communities and underrepresented populations to share their stories and experiences. The Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) Instagram accounts amplifies the voices of those in and near our communities who have and continue experience forms of oppression, racism, and inequities. As a female person of color, I too have experienced forms of racism right here in the greater Boston area. In times of clear division and societal injustices it is critically important to stand in solidarity with movements that seek to amplify those who have been oppressed (and often still are). As we move closer to the town-wide vote on March 2nd, to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, I would like to use this platform to encourage everyone to vote YES on question 1. Christopher Columbus should not be celebrated; a racist man who stole land, murdered, and enslaved native Americans. Let’s HONOR INDIGENOUS PEOPLES DAY and do what over a hundred and thirty towns across the United States have already moved to, let’s celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on the 2nd Monday of October.